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Williamsburg Pilates Studio offers personal training and small group Pilates classes serving Williamsburg, Toano, Lanexa, West Point, Norge and Lightfoot VA

 Small Group pilates
Personal training

exercise designed to help you build your strength and maintain your independence


private & small Group classes


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If you are interested in starting a small group class with some of your friends, let me know and we will make it happen!  
 This is the perfect way to start or keep exercising with a buddy and keep your class small for personal attention.

Also, if you don't see a class time that works with you, reach out and request a new class.

If you are interested in private classes and personal training, please call or text Liz at

By Appointment only

Call/text for details - 757-566-4530

Membership pricing: Ongoing Private and group options 


Mixed Pilates Equipment

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Small Group Classes
Once Weekly
ongoing commitment

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Small Group Classes
Pay As You Go

Mixed Pilates Equipment

Price Per Person
Pre-Paid Monthly for all sessions
Classes Limited to 4-7 per session

Mixed Pilates Equipment

Price Per Person
 Pre-Paid Monthly for all sessions
Classes Limited to 4-7 per session

Pay as you go & Drop in Rate

Single Group Class = $35.00
Single Private Session = $85.00
Single Duet Session = $90.00

Multi-Session Discounts

10 Pack  - Small Groups = $330.00
10 Pack - Private Sessions = $800.00
10 Pack - Duet Sessions = $850.00

Option 2
Small Group Classes
Twice Weekly
ongoing commitment

Price Per Person
Pre-Paid Ten Pack
Classes Limited to 4-7 per session


You must take at least one private class, or in some cases many private classes, before being allowed in group pilates classes. In other words, we can't "slow down" an experienced class to accommodate an individual who is just beginning. This is what the beginner classes and private sessions are for. Transitioning into intermediate or advanced group classes is based upon teacher recommendation and evaluation as everyone's learning curves are different.

If you are visiting and or transferring to Williamsburg Pilates Studio and are experienced, please reach out to discuss joining a more advanced class.

now that you're retired, its time to take care of yourself.

this is for you

Private & Small Group Classes


You want to be healthy.  You need to be healthy.  Therefore you need to add resistance training to your regular routine.

Pilates is the absolute perfect solution for those who don't enjoy the "typical" gym experience. 

Pilates is easy on the joints and is the perfect exercise program as you phase out of Physical Therapy following knee, hip or other invasive surgeries.

It was designed to rehabilitate dancers and athletes following injury.  Pilates is gentle and fluid. 


Williamsburg Pilates offers private, semi-private and small group classes of no more than 7 participants. PLUS...the studio is set up for appropriate social distancing between the equipment apparatus.

Handicap Parking directly in front of studio. No Stairs.

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fun and social
pilates group fitness


2019 - 2023
[over 250 hours of in-person classroom, hands-on training with Stott® certified Instructor Trainers - plus weekly continuing mentorship/training under Stott® certified instructor)

Pilates Essential & Intermediate Reformer Intensive at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Richmond VA (60 hours)

Advanced Pilates Reformer Intensive Workshop at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Clifton, VA. (18 Hours)

Pilates Injury and Special Populations Intensive Training at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Clifton, VA. (24 hours)

Fascial Movement Foundation Course - Level 1 at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Virginia Beach. (19 hours)

Pilates Mat Intensive at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Richmond VA
(60 hours)

Pilates Chair Intensive including essential and intermediate exercises. at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Clifton, VA. (18 hours)

Pilates Barrels Intensive including Spine Corrector and Arc Barrel at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Richmond VA (15 hours)

Pilates Cadillac Intensive at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Richmond VA
(30 hours)

Athletic Conditioning: Performing Enhancing Progressions and Sequences. Continuing Education. Stott® Certified Training Facility in Virginia Beach, VA. (3 Hours)

Beyond the Biomechanical Principles - Continuing Education. Stott® Certified Training Facility in Virginia Beach, VA. (3 Hours)

Posture Analysis at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Richmond VA (3 hours)

The Lumbo-Pelvic Region: Reformer Programming for Stability & Function at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Richmond VA (3 hours)

The Knee: Reformer Programming for Stability & Function at Stott® Certified Training Facility in Richmond VA 9 (3 hours)

2014 - 2019 - Apprentice Instructor under the guidance of Teresa Tompkins, PMA®, ACE®, MAT®, BodyTalk®. Equilibrium Wellness - Williamsburg VA 

2004 - 2014 - Pilates Enthusiast
1986-2000 - Professional Dancer

Professional Dancer, Singer, Actor for 12 Years based in New York City
Training and Practical experience in Stott® & Classical Pilates techniques since 2004.

Formal Education:
Bachelor of Fine Arts – The Boston Conservatory 
Advanced Study in Movement, Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Partnering, Choreography & Directing.
Alexander Technique
Continuing Education at Steps and Broadway Dance Center in NYC

liz daley

Williamsburg Pilates Studio

Meet Liz

Former musical theatre dancer, singer and entertainer turned Pilates instructor who makes getting strong and healthy lots of fun!

BS in Physical Therapy - New York University 
Master of Education - Fitchburg State College
American Physical Therapy Association certified Clinical Instructor

Denise is a certified Pilates instructor through Club Pilates® and a retired physical therapist who began practicing Pilates about 18 years ago to help address her chronic back pain. She was also becoming bored with traditional exercise programs and feeling frustrated with the time she had to put aside to get the results she wanted.

Denise enjoys the way Pilates lines up the body for an efficient, fun, and confidence building full body work out. Pilates mat work plus equipment such as the reformer, tower, and ladder barrel means there is plenty of variety and challenge for everyone.

 As a retired physical therapist, she also knows that pain, illness, and little things we do every day can cause changes in the way the body is meant to move and….Your body actually has to work harder.

Denise is enthusiastic about teaching Pilates for its ability to help you to re-educate your body and mind to remember what more natural breathing, movement, and posture feel like so your body can function more like it was meant to be.

Denise Kalemba

Williamsburg Pilates Studio

Meet Denise

Denise is enthusiastic about improving quality of life and bringing happiness through Pilates Instruction

Physical therapist turned pilates instructor Specializing in balance, flexibility, strength and total wellness.

BA in English Literature- University of Cincinnati, OH
AOS in Occupational Studies*-
                       The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, NY
                       (*Massage Therapy-1000 hour program)
Stott® Certified Pilates Instructor- Level 1
           Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel

Stott® Pilates Continuing Education Courses:
- Assessment and Warm Up for Foundational Movement
- Mat-work Programming for Foundational Movement
- Breathing and Mobility on the Stability Barrel Lite
- Athletic Conditioning on the Stability Chair Level 1
- Foam Roller Challenge Level 2
- Flexion Free (*modifications for those with osteoporosis and neck issues)
Classical Pilates audit with Juliet Harvey (Beacon Pilates)
- Intermediate System Reformer & Tower
- Pre & Post Natal, Special Cases

A licensed massage therapist with 20 years of experience, Michele has a long standing interest in helping people feel better in their bodies. She graduated from The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences (the oldest massage school in the country), where she later became an instructor. She has been teaching clinical massage therapy, musculoskeletal anatomy, pathology, and movement for over a decade at schools in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Michele discovered Pilates while working as a massage therapist at a NY studio that had Pilates apparatus. She started to trade sessions, saw fast results, and was hooked. Inspired, she knew she wanted to share the method with others. She moved to Williamsburg in 2015, and soon after began her training at Balance Pilates in Richmond.

In 2018 she successfully completed all of the requirements and is now STOTT® Pilates Level 1 certified trainer for: Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Arc and Ladder Barrels.

She is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher (200 hour) trained at the Himalayan Institute in Allahabad, India.

Michele strives to motive and empower clients while ensuring client safety at all times. She believes getting older is just a time to get smarter about your exercise choices and welcomes those of all ages and abilities.

michele rose, LMT

Williamsburg Pilates Studio

Meet Michele

Michele is enthusiastic about helping clients feel better with a curated exercise program

Pilates, yoga and massage combined for your best health and wellness


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If you don't make time for your health, you will be forced to make time for your illnesses.

As I have recently learned, once you hit the big 5-0, the check engine light comes on and you find out that your body isn't 21 anymore and that the old adage, "use it or lose it" is actually true. 


My studio equipment is cleaned and sanitized between every class.

Classes are limited to 4 to 7 participants with plenty of room for social distancing.  

The studio is a safe and judgement-free environment,  both physically and emotionally.

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small group classes for every level

pre and post surgery

Pilates for Hip, Knee & Shoulder Replacement



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Pilates helps to “undo” poor compensation habits prior to surgery

Strong core enhances and facilitates recovery especially in the early days after surgery

Strengthening muscles around the affected joint speeds up recovery time

pilates restores the alignment of the body

muscles are strengthened in the optional alignment

core strength is a vital component to anyone recovering from a hip or knee replacement.

Pilates helps speed up recovery and strengthen and lengthen the area and helps with scar tissue

“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

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it's time to get back into shape and be healthy.

Extra weight is a big problem for many people, and this extra weight leads to high blood pressure, heart issues and diabetes.

Walking is great, and you should do this every day.  But in addition to this, your exercise routine should include resistance training at least twice a week. 

Regular exercise will definitely improve your health and subsequently you won't be afraid to step on the scale or go to the doctor and get your bloodwork. 

job opportunities

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second Studio space
Private and duet room


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Williamsburg Pilates studio
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Pilates Personal Training and Small Group Classes.

Stott Pilates Equipment:  Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel and Chair.

Private and Small Group Pilates exercise classes serving Williamsburg, Toano, Lanexa, Lightfoot, Norge, Croaker and West Point VA