Teresa Tompkins, Owner
Pilates Instructor


Stott® and Classically trained Pilates Instructor
Muscle Activation Technique®  & Body Talk
American Council of Exercise Medical Exercise Specialist®

ACSM Personnel Trainer
Munay Ki Instructor
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Holistic Health & Wellness

I am a pampamesayok and  I have trained in applied kinesiology through several organizations and have held certifications in the past from the Pilates Method Alliance, Muscle Activation Techniques® and BodyTalk as well as several others in holistic health and fitness and many in the field of emergency medicine. I combine the latest in exercise science, (as well as health and physical sciences), holistic health practices, energy medicine, and Indigenous knowledge with good old common sense to bring the best in Mindbody health to my clients.

A life spent studying Epistemology and in the perceived conflict of duality – mind-body; science versus mysticism; hard science versus intuition; medicine versus herbs; space age versus Indigenous cultural practices – has finally come full circle and integrated in this Quantum age of consciousness. Finally, after 30+ years of trying not to trip over him or feed him, I welcome Schrodinger’s Cat with peace and a nice bowl of kibble.

Although I have worked with world class athletes, my passion is working with Injuries and Special Populations. Often a last resort for people with little hope, seeing their amazing improvements and return to productive life and health inspires and fuels me. Working with families from children to grandparents to establish generations of health is a close second! I am full of gratitude for the lessons they have taught, their courage and trust.

I am especially thankful for the great mentors and guides, who have and do graciously and lovingly teach, encourage, chastise and prod. For them, each day, I try to be of service and remember that the shaman’s only prayer is, “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Liz Daley
Pilates Instructor

Liz Daley, Pilates Instructor Williamsburg Virginia

Stott® and Classically trained Pilates Instructor

Apprentice Pilates Instructor (2010 – 2018)
Training and Practical experience in Stott & Classical Pilates techniques since 2004

Professional Theatre Career (1986 – 2003)
Professional Dancer, Singer & Actor based in Boston, Nashville, Las Vegas and New York City

Bachelor of Fine Arts – The Boston Conservatory 
Advanced Study in Movement, Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Partnering, Choreography & Directing.
Alexander Technique

I began dancing at the age of 6 and continued my study through high school, college and into my professional career in New York City. I’ve had so many amazing mentors, directors and teacher who have each given me so much love and knowledge, and now it’s time for me to give this back.

I’ve always loved the beauty of the body in motion and the focus and strength required to perform not only as a soloist, but as part of a duo or group.  The experience is just like flying. Literally like flying if you are working with a partner doing various lifts. There is nothing quite like it, but Pilates comes close.  

I love Pilates because it is a gentle form of exercise that still packs a punch. It’s amazing for both the mind and body. If you’re not into the gym and the typical workouts that quite frankly, after the age of 40, abuse the body, then Pilates is right for you.

On weekends, I’m a Wedding DJ and Wedding Planner which is seriously one of the hardest and funnest jobs ever!

I love my two kitties and my sweet husband Steve of 24 years.   I also love sitting in the sunshine, watching the water and drinking margaritas and/or cosmos.  

Celebrate Life!


Instructor:  Jamie Whelan